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15th anniversary ‘Yakuza’ stream promises new reveals

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Could an Ichiban sequel be revealed already?

RGG Studio has announced a new Yakuza stream for December 8.

The date marks the game’s 15th anniversary since its first launch, which saw protagonist Kazuma Kiryu released from jail after 10 years for a crime he did not commit. 15 years later, the studio has just launched Yakuza: Like A Dragon in the West, the first game to feature new protagonist Ichiban Kasuga. Much like Kazuma, Ichiban is released from jail having served time for a crime he didn’t commit at the start of Like A Dragon.

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RGG have not released much information about the stream, but have confirmed it will include a look back on the series so far, as well as looking forward to the future. While Yakuza: Like A Dragon released in the West in November, it has been out in Japan since January, so a sequel announcement could be on the cards.

RGG have made it clear that Like A Dragon is not a spin-off game, but is the direction they see the franchise moving in. That means if we do get a new game reveal, it’ll feature more of Ichiban’s story.

However, it’s also worth tempering expectations going into the stream. The last time RGG promised a big announcement during a stream, they revealed a gacha event for Yakuza Online in Japan.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon launched as a limited time next-gen exclusive for the Xbox Series X/S, but is also available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. A PS5 version releases in March. It has released in the West to positive reviews, but things have not all gone so well for publisher Sega this month. Following decreased income with the pandemic, Sega recently were forced to sell off the arcade arm of its business.

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