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2020 was ‘GTA V’’s best-selling year since its launch

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They sold upwards of 10 million copies in just nine months

Rockstar Games have confirmed that 2020 was GTA V’s best year since launching in 2013, selling a total of 140 million copies over the course of eight years.

2020 provided the biggest boost, with Rockstar totalling 130 million copies sold as of May 2020 – meaning the second half of last year saw 10 million more purchased.

The gaming industry has seen a boost due largely to the coronavirus pandemic, but GTA V has endured particularly well, staying in the top 10 UK physical games chart for the whole of 2020.

GTA Online may have contributed to the success of the series, with game director Scott Butchard announcing that the option to play solo will take precedence over multiplayer updates for the foreseeable future.

Rockstar have already announced a PS5 port is in the works, although many fans have turned their attention to speculation over GTA VI which still has no official announcement. The PS5 port will include an “expanded and enhanced” experience according to the PlayStation website. A PlayStation Plus membership will be required to play, making the game free for some.

In recent GTA news, Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive worked together to shutter a prominent cheat maker for GTA Online. LunaCheats was a popular site for hacks, but was closed after an intervention that saw the site promise to donate all of their profits to charity.

Their statement read: “We will also be donating our proceeds to a charity designated by Take-Two. We apologize for any and all problems our software has caused to the Grand Theft Auto Online community.”

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