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2K Games has revealed Babylon is coming to ‘Civilization VI’ next week

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A new Heroes & Legends Mode has also been added

The latest content drop for Civilization VI adds the Babylon Pack, complete with new features and a brand new game mode, 2K Games has announced.

Civilization VI’s Babylon Pack will be available as part of the New Frontier Pass, or can be purchased individually when it releases on November 19.

As with previous add-ons, the pack brings a new civilization – this time in the form of Babylon – as well as a yet to be confirmed new leader, 24 new Great People, six new City-States, and two new unique improvements unlocked by the new City-States.

One of the biggest new inclusions is the Heroes & Legends Mode. In this mode, 12 new heroes have been added, based on numerous myths and legends, all equipped with unique, powerful skills. The roster includes iconic heroes such as Hercules, Beowulf, and the demigod, Maui.

Each hero can be claimed by a civilization, however, they will have a limited lifespan and only be available for a set number of turns, unless they are recalled by spending Faith.

Check out the developer video outlining the Babylon civilization below:

Babylon joins a wave of post-launch content that has joined Civilization VI since its release in 2016. Most recent was an update which included a Sid Meier’s Pirates! themed scenario, which pitted four players against each other in a high seas battle for treasure.

The Byzantium and Gaul civilizations were also added back in September, bringing two varied expansions for players to delve into.

An August update also introduced Tech Shuffle Mode, which applied randomised tech trees to all players to create unique scenarios.

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