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A new ‘Forza Motorsport’ is heading to the Xbox Series X

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Forza Motorsport will feature 4K, 60fps and ray-tracing

A new Forza Motorsport is in development and will be released on the upcoming Xbox Series X.

The reveal was made during Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase, and will be helmed by longtime franchise developer, Turn 10 Studios. During the event, Microsoft stated that Forza Motorsport is in “early development” and will receive graphical improvements.

The game is said to be reimagined for a new generation and suggests that the new title is a reboot for the series. Players can expect to see 4K resolution and 60fps gameplay for the first time. Additionally, the game will feature ray-tracing, a technical implementation that allows realistic reflection and lighting effects.

The announcement was accompanied by a cinematic trailer. Watch it below.

The last Forza Motorsport game was released back in 2017 for the Xbox One and PC. Two other games in the Forza series, Forza Horizon 4 and the free-to-play Forza Street, have been released in the subsequent years.

Besides Forza Motorsport, the Microsoft event also played host to several new game reveals and updates. The main draw to the show was Halo Infinite and a first-look at its campaign. The gameplay trailer also showed off several new features, such as a grappling hook ability and an open-world.

A new entry in the Fable series was also announced and is being developed by Playground Games, which has previously worked on the Forza Horizon franchise. The reveal comes almost a decade after the series’ last main installment, 2010’s Fable III.

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