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A new ‘Mass Effect’ game is in development, says BioWare

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It’s been described as “the next chapter of the Mass Effect universe”

Bioware has confirmed that it is working on a new Mass Effect game, which is currently being developed by a “veteran team”.

As part of N7 Day, in celebration of the Mass Effect series, BioWare has announced that the “next chapter” is currently in the works. The developer revealed the news in the an official blog post, where it stated that “a veteran team has been hard at work envisioning the next chapter of the Mass Effect universe”, although details are currently scarce.

The developer later added that the new Mass Effect is in “early stages” and that “it can’t say any more just yet”. No word was mentioned on when fans can expect to hear new details. Besides the new Mass Effect game, Bio also confirmed Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, a remastered collection of the original trilogy, set to arrive next year.

Alongside the Mass Effect news, BioWare has also spent the the past year teasing a new instalment in the Dragon Age series. During an EA Play presentation in June, the company gave a glimpse of the new entry with some snippets of locations in stunning next-gen graphical fidelity. It later came forward and said that the team was “making progress” on the new entry.

Finally, in August, an extensive look into Dragon Age 4’s production was shared, delving into new story details. It was said that the story will revolve around “the people around you” and players will experience “new things, new places, and interact with people who lived and grew up in these spaces”.

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