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A new prison level is coming to ‘Phasmophobia’

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Kinetic Games is also working on Apartment building and Mansion levels

Developer Kinetic Games has revealed that it is working on a new level for its popular survival horror game, Phasmophobia.

The developer teased the new level on Twitter, with a cryptic tweet that includes little to no information besides the phrases “In Progress”, “Level Design” and “Make a Prison level”. More details for the upcoming level, including a potential release date, are expected to be released in the future.

Check out the tweet below.

The screenshot from the tweet was later revealed to be part of the developer’s Trello board of developmental tasks for the game, which is now available to the public for viewing. The board is a roadmap for the game, and reveals that two other levels – Apartment building and Mansion – are currently in the “backlog”.

The game’s current map includes levels such as an asylum, a high school, two farmhouses, two street houses and one road house. The game’s official website also notes that players will eventually be able to hunt ghosts through “houses, prisons, sewers and hospitals with more to come”.

Phasmophobia is an online 4-player co-op survival horror game, in which players will have to investigate a haunted location to put an end to its paranormal activities. The game’s ghosts are “fully procedural”, which means that each game will play out differently, warranting multiple replays.

The game, which is currently available on PC, and enables VR support, in September, but garnered immense popularity over the Halloween period, thanks to a large number of popular streamers playing the game online.

In other horror game news, Behaviour Interactive recently confirmed that its popular 4v1 survival horror game Dead By Daylight would be available on the PS5, Xbox Series X and Series S as a launch title, and will include graphical improvements and cross-gen play support.

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