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The mobile game development market is emerging as one of the fastest growing markets. Most of the development companies like to invest in mobile game development as the demand for mobile games is increasing day by day that can help the business in earning good revenue. But, whenever it’s come to develop a mobile game, the first question arises is which platform to choose for mobile game development? Each mobile game development platform is, and each platform contains a specific set of users, so what to do if you want to target mass audience by developing an app that can run on android, ios as well as on windows devices. You can prepare such a mobile game with the help of cross platform game development.

What is cross-platform game development?

Cross-platform game development is about creating a mobile game that can run on multiple mobile platforms. To develop such a game, you need to make use of different types of tools, languages, and editors. So let’s see what kind of appliances you will need for cross-platform mobile game development.

List Of Development Tools:

PhoneGap: PhoneGap is an open source tool, used to develop a game for android, ios, windows, and Blackberry. It is a product of Adobe, and one can use it to translate the code written in html5, JavaScript, and CSS. It is effortless to use development tool, but one can not use it for graphics-intensive apps.

Xamarin: Using Xamarin, developers can develop a native app for various platforms. To produce it, C# is used as a base. It allows the developers to make use of the same APIs, IDs, and language everywhere so that the development process will become easy and fast.

RhoMobile: It is mostly used to develop enterprise-related apps. The developers can run, debug, and test the application without any emulator or hardware. You can also check the data offline with the help of Rho Connect.

Kony Mobile Platform: This tool offers automatic coding, secure API connection, and app preview facility and many other features. It contains pre-built apps that make it easy for developers to develop mobile games efficiently.

Sencha: Sencha offers you lots of pre-built elements that can be very useful while developing mobile games. It allows you to create cutting-edge game apps.

Languages used for cross-platform mobile game development







Why choose cross-platform mobile game development?

The main reason after choosing a cross-platform mobile game development is to reach the maximum number of users. There are many other reasons to select cross-platform mobile game development that are as given below:

Easy Marketing: As cross-platform games run on different mobile devices, it targets all the potential users. You don’t need to focus any particular set of audience for android, windows, Blackberry, and so on. You can promote your brand with generalizing message that will appear on the device of your potential users.

Better Market Reach: By developing an application that runs on multiple devices, you can reach more potential users. Different device users have a different interest such as iPhone users like to have more purchasing power as compared to the Android users whereas Android users want to download more apps as compared to the iPhone users, so with cross-platform game development, you can fulfill the wish of every user and offer them a game as per their desire.

Make the processing simple: While you are working on multiple platforms, it becomes easy for developers to edit and update the changes, as changes made on a single platform will be synced automatically with the other platforms.

Lower Development Cost: Cross-platform game development offer you a flexible and faster model. With a single process, you can target the multiple platforms. Thus, you don’t need to hire a development team for a single platform, which decreases the development cost and offer you a quick and efficient solution.

So, this way, you can develop a cross-platform game with the help of different types of tools and technologies and launch a game that can run on multiple devices. I think by after Continues reading my blog, you have a clear view about why cross-platform app development is necessary for your business?

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