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A PokeCenter has been recreated in Animal Crossing

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PokeMarts, Professor Oak’s lab, and a battle arena also feature

The PokeCenter from the Pokemon games has been recreated on one user’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons island.

The customisation features of the game allow villagers to create a whole range of settings, with many players taking inspiration from pop culture. This recent PokeCenter, uploaded to @achn.pokeland on Instagram by a user named Ollie, is another example of the community created crossovers popular on the game.

The PokeCenter features a PC, Pokeball artwork, a waiting area, and a bookshelf, just like in the Pokemon games. It also has Pokeball pins to represent the healed Pokemon, and a Chansey mannequin to stand in for the real thing.

Meanwhile, Ollie’s villager also wore a typical Nurse Joy outfit to complete the look. The island also features Professor Oak’s lab, a battle arena, and a PokeMart.

This is far from the first Animal Crossing island to attempt to replicate a well known location. Last year, the KFC chain created an official KFC island, complete with their trademark chicken restaurant.

In the run up to the 2020 US election, Joe Biden’s team created the official Biden Island and welcomed visitors, encouraging them to vote. However, Nintendo later shut the island down, changing the rules to ban all ‘political islands’.

This in-depth customisation was partially responsible for Animal Crossing: New Horizon‘s runaway success in 2020. It topped the Amazon sales charts, with digital sales alone enough to get it into the top five, and physical sales by far the highest on the site in 2020.

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