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Amazon PS5 customers reportedly delivered cat food, NERF guns and rice

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Their console is no where to be seen with customers allegedly being offered £5 gift cards as compensation

Amazon customers have been receiving an assortment of strange items rather than the PS5 they’ve ordered.

While many have opened packages to be met by their shiny new console, certain Amazon customers have allegedly come across items they hadn’t initially ordered, consisting of items such as rice, foot massagers and NERF guns.

Multiple customers, including journalist Bex April May have reported deliveries being “fake” missed, with the package later reappearing with a completely different item. In May’s case, an air fryer.

Founder and co-owner of sites such as Nintendo Life, Anthony Dickens, was also greeted to something entirely different. Whilst the outer box was reportedly correct, the contents inside consisted of a single NERF gun.

Other Amazon cases have consisted of items such as bed sheets, foot massagers, rice and cat food.

Reddit has also been plagued with reports of Amazon customers going through the same treatment, with Amazon providing very little support, requiring 48 hours before an investigation can begin. Some Reddit users are even reporting that their package has been delivered to someone else entirely:

“Fking joke lads. I’m just on hold now. It was handed to ‘Dennis’,” one Reddit user reported. “Who the fk is Dennis. F**k this year, I’m out, hope everyone else has better luck.”

In a statement to Eurogamer, Amazon acknowledge the issue stating that it is “all about making our customers happy” and will be “reaching out to every customer who’s had a problem”. Customers who have spoken to Eurogamer have allegedly been offered a £5 gift card.

Amazon released more stock of the PS5 yesterday, while also recently contacting Xbox Series X customers that their pre-orders previously made may not be delivered until after Christmas.

The company also plans to join the gaming circuit with Amazon Luna, a cloud gaming service which entered early access next month.

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