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Ambitious ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ mod releases after 7 years of development

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The sizeable expansion includes three new main quests lines

An extensive mod made by fans of Fallout: New Vegas has finally released after 3 years after its announcement, allowing players to explore the wasteland around Portland, Oregon.

The mod was so popular that it briefly crashed the Nexus Mods page which hosted the mod, Eurogamer reported.

Fallout New: Vegas: The Frontier is described as a “new game sized modification” that has been created by a “passionate group of dozens of community members over a seven year period” according to the explanation on the Nexus Mods page.

The sizeable expansion includes three new main quests lines for the New California Republic, The Northern Legion and the Crusaders of Steel, each featuring over 15 hours of gameplay, and “tens of thousands of lines of new voiced dialogue”.

A release trailer for the mod is now available, which covers the story beats for each faction:

The mod also has over 60 side quests, as well as new items, new guns, and extensive weather system that features snow, rain mist and fog. The developers are most proud of an in-depth vehicle system that they argue is “best iteration of a modded driving system for a Fallout title ever!”

Installation of the mod is quite an extensive process, and requires all of the four main Fallout: New Vegas DLC packs to be installed, as well as a list of others mods that are required, as well as those mods which are best avoided to prevent errors.

Although there has been no news on future Fallout projects, Bethesda have recently announced that they are currently working with Machine Games to create an Indiana Jones title for Lucasfilm Games.

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