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‘Among Us’ patch tweaks balance, fixes bugs ahead of new level

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Task arrows will no longer show when comms are sabotaged

Innersloth has released a new patch for Among Us, which introduces a number of balance and bug fixes.

Following last week’s tease of an upcoming map, the developer has implemented balance changes, such as task arrows now being hidden when comms are sabotaged and the red comms light no longer immediately responding to the right position.

Other bug fixes include problems that caused the security cameras to fling about, players being able to reach through walls to mess with panels on Polus, improving the temperature mini-game for iOS devices and resolving an exploit that allowed players to solo-complete the reactor sabotage.

Besides the bug and balance fixes, Innersloth has announced the removal of all in-game ads on the mobile version of the game until 2021 due to the increasing number of inappropriate advertisements being reported. Players who have paid to remove ads will “get something extra for paying”, although it is currently unclear what this entails.

Additionally, the Innersloth is working on creating accounts for the game. Per the patch notes, Innersloth is currently focusing on “get reporting and moderation integrated ASAP” with player accounts as the “first step in tackling the toxicity and hacking”.

Moving forward, the team is also getting the game localised, with plans for added languages such as French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Bisaya.

Check out the complete list patch notes here.

In other Among Us news, the indie mobile game is up for the Best Multiplayer and Best Mobile Game awards at this year’s The Game Awards. Other notable nominees include Call Of Duty: Warzone, Genshin Impact, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Fall Guys.

Innersloth announced earlier this year that it has cancelled Among Us 2 so that it can focus on improving the original, following the game’s recent surge in interest and support.

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