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‘Among Us’ to receive new game rules and accessibility options

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Anonymous voting has been enabled

With Among Us continuing to sweep the world, its developer Innersloth is starting to add new features to the game.

Currently, PC players are able to opt into the beta version of Among Us, which allows thme to try out new features before they are rolled out to iOS and Android. Attack Of The Fanboy has collated an unofficial list of patch notes with everything that developer Innersloth has recently added.

A new option has been added to enable anonymous voting. With the rule enabled, players will be able to vote for others without anyone else knowing who for. It’s designed to add more suspicion to meetings as groups argue between them.

The task bar can also be meddled with. It will be set to a state of always being shown, however, with the new features it can now be set to only show during meetings or never at all. With the latter two options, it will mean players will have to remember where their tasks are and undoubtedly act more suspicious in the process.

Finally, a colour blind option has been added. As many new players have joined the game, it’s been found that a portion suffer from colour blindness. To combat this, the developer has marked shapes in the coloured wires task, so players affected can easily connect up the correct wires.

Innersloth had previously announced a sequel to Among Us, but later cancelled those plans due to the recent popularity of the original game. Instead, the team will now focus on the original game and incorporate all the content they had initially planned for the sequel.

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