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‘Animal Farm’ video game coming to mark the book’s 75th anniversary

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‘Orwell’s Animal Farm’ will put players at the centre of the classic novel

George Orwell’s literary classic Animal Farm is receiving the video game treatment later this year.

From indie developer Nerial, Orwell’s Animal Farm is an adventure game set in the world of famous novel and will be using the medium of video gaming as a new method to share the timeless tale. It is expected to release on PC via Steam during Autumn, however, no specific date has been announced.

The announcement marks the 75th anniversary for Animal Farm and the game intends to keep the book’s themes of equality, corruption and power, using gameplay elements to involve players in numerous decisions.

Players will have full control of the farm as they play through the political satire. Over the course of the story, players will be able to create alliances with many of the Orwell’s Animal Farm characters and control the outcome to many situations. Resources will need to be balanced, the farm defended, and the animal population must be kept happy.

A short teaser trailer has accompanied the announcement and showcases the beautiful graphical art style that is reminiscent to 1930s artwork.

See the full teaser trailer for Orwell’s Animal Farm below:

“Animal Farm is a literary masterpiece which uses deceptively simple language to accurately describe the downfall of communism from the dream of equality into totalitarian oppression,” project founder, Imre Jele, said in a press release. “The fate of the farm was all too real for me growing up in totalitarian Hungary.”

“I’ve long wanted to explore how, through video gaming, we could design an experience which immerses the player in Orwell’s vision, and in Nerial we found the perfect partner to make this happen.”

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