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‘Apex Legends’ confirms new hero Rampart works for ‘Titanfall 2’ villain

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Rampart will debut when Season Six launches next week

The latest Apex Legends Stories From The Outlands trailer further connects the game with the Titanfall universe by confirming new legend Rampart’s involvement with Kuban Blisk – the main antagonist of Titanfall 2.

In typical Apex Legends fashion, a new Stories From The Outlands trailer has been released before the launch of the upcoming season, and serves as an introduction to the game’s new characters, fleshing out the hero’s backstory. The latest episode focuses on Rampart.

Check out the episode below.

The short animation begins with current legends Bangalore and Gibraltar drinking at a bar, talking up Rampart’s skills. A small gang then shows up at Rampart’s mechanic shop in the middle of the night and Rampart jumps into action with a heavy turret, but eventually gets knocked unconscious.

Rampart is later woken up by a character who appears to be Kuban Blisk from Titanfall 2. Blisk hands Rampart a card with the Apex Games logo on it, seemingly inviting her to join the games. Fans of Apex Legends will also recall Blisk as the creator of the Apex Games.

Rampart was revealed last week through a new cinematic trailer for season six. Her abilities are currently unknown, but are expected to be revealed before the season’s August 18 start date.

The new season will also bring a new battle pass, with over 100 exclusive cosmetics, sprays and more, as well as a new SMG called the Volt. The gun is described as an “energy SMG that packs a punch”.

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