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‘Apex Legends’ might expand beyond battle royale, says developer

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“We have a lot of conversations of, ‘you know, should we expand beyond battle royale?’”

Respawn Entertainment is reportedly looking into expanding Apex Legends beyond its current battle royale gameplay mode, according to its game director.

During an interview with Eurogamer, game director Chad Grenier said that the Apex Legends team is currently focusing on ways to “expand” the game. He then elaborated, saying that he meant in terms of “new players, new platforms and […] new ways to play Apex”.

“Right now we’re a battle royale game. I think if you look into the future, we have a lot of conversations of, ‘you know, should we expand beyond battle royale? We have this roster of legends that people love – how else can we use them?’” he added.

Grenier then stated that Apex Legends will “probably” become more than just a battle royale game. “You see we have all these LTMs (limited time modes) and other ways to play. I think that’s a great starting point,” he said.

The game director’s statements corroborate information unveiled by dataminers back in October, when code for a new “Arena Mode” was found with the launch of Apex Legends’ patch 6.1. However, Respawn Entertainment has yet to confirm the existence of the mode.

Elsewhere during the interview, Grenier also revealed that the new Apex Legends map Olympus, which is set to launch with Season 7, was originally a concept for Titanfall 3. “At one point, there was a Titanfall 3 in the works after we launched Titanfall 2,” he said. “And Olympus wasn’t called Olympus at the time, but that style of map was something that we were exploring for the next Titanfall game.”

However, all plans for a Titanfall 3 have seemingly been abandoned in favor of Apex Legends, with Grenier reiterating that “nobody is currently working on Titanfall 3”.

Season 7 of Apex Legends is scheduled to launch on November 4. Besides a new map, the content update will also add a new legend, a Scottish astrophysicist named Horizon, and a vehicle called The Trident. Check out the launch trailer for Season 7 of Apex Legends here.

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