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Arkane Studios has delayed ‘Deathloop’ until next year

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“We share your disappointment, and apologise for making you wait even longer”

Arkane Studios has announced that its upcoming next-gen game Deathloop has been delayed until next year.

Deathloop has been pushed back to the second quarter of 2021, as revealed through a message to the community via the game’s official Twitter page.

The game is being helmed by the developer’s French division, Arkane Lyon, and due to the on-going coronavirus pandemic the team has adjusted to working from home. As a result, progress on the game has been slower than usual and prompted the company to delay the title.

“As we’ve adjusted to work-from-home, we found that delivering this new and exciting experience, at the polish and quality level that defines an Arkane game and a true next-gen experience, is taking longer than normal,” the company revealed in a statement.

Read the full statement from Arkane Lyon below:

Deathloop is from the same studio which created the critically-acclaimed Dishonored series. The release later this year was intended to accompany the PS5 as a console-timed exclusive alongside a PC release. The Xbox Series X version will arrive at a later date

Earlier this year, Arkane Lyon released a new gameplay trailer for Deathloop during the PS5 reveal event. The trailer gave a new look at the game, including supernatural abilities similar to the Dishonored series and players having the option to control two characters, Colt and Julianna.

It also highlighted online elements that will also be included, as Deathloop is set to contain PVP integration. Players controlling Colt can be seamlessly raided by Julianna controlled opponents at any time, in an attempt to assassinate the player.

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