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Artist creates Squirtle variant in every Pokemon type

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The Kanto starter was reimagined as 18 different types

An artist on Reddit has created a Squirtle in every Pokemon type, revamping the Kanto starter to fit eighteen different variants.

Reddit poster lanazamo has created these detailed variants, keeping his silhouette the same and working around his classic traits. Many fans on the site then went about naming the new versions.

Further down in the comments, the artist revealed some of their inspirations for the character variants – including using an acorn to inform the grass type. The real-world inspirations are also visible, with ice type Squirtle built like an igloo, and bug type Squirtle sporting a sizable bee sting.

Pokemon Sword and Sheild used new types for some of its regional variants, following the example set by Sun and Moon’s alternate Raichu and Vulpix. This has caused many fans to share their own regional variants, hoping for possible inclusion in an upcoming game.

Pokemon Red and Green celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, and alongside some new artwork, fans are waiting to see what the previously announced celebrations have in store. So far, nothing concrete has been announced, but fans have been promised something exciting.

Elsewhere in Pokemon news, Pokemon GO reportedly made US$1.92billion (£1.42billion) last year, despite the global pandemic limiting players’ abilities to travel and play. This makes it the fifth highest-grossing mobile free-to-play game of 2020.

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