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‘Assassin’s Creed’ live-action series headed to Netflix

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Will we be going back to Valhalla again?

A new live-action Assassin’s Creed series looks to be heading to Netflix.

The Ubisoft game has been optioned for the small screen, seemingly unrelated to the 2016 Michael Fassbender-starring film, directed by Justin Kurzel.

Netflix shared the news on social media with a brief teaser combining the game’s logo with the streamer’s one.

The plot focus remains unclear for now, in terms of whether the series would focus on an existing storyline from the games or create a new one, as was the case with Fassbender’s movie.

“For more than 10 years, millions of fans around the world have helped shape the Assassin’s Creed brand into an iconic franchise,” said Jason Altman, head of Ubisoft Film and Television Los Angeles (per Empire).

“We’re thrilled to create an Assassin’s Creed series with Netflix and we look forward to developing the next saga in the Assassin’s Creed universe.”

Altman will act as an executive producer on the show alongside Danielle Kreinik. Details on showrunners or cast members have not yet been released.

Assassin’s Creed has tackled a number of timelines in the games, including the Crusades, the Renaissance, the American Revolutionary War, Victorian Britain, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece and more.

Valhalla, the upcoming game, will take place during the Viking invasions.

There’s no release date set for the Netflix series yet, but considering the project is in the early stages of development, it seems the show would be likely to reach screens by late 2021 or 2022 at the earliest.

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