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‘Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla”s Japanese release removes all blood from the game

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Players feel they’ve been ‘scammed’

Release versions of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla in Japan have been given poor reviews due to a publishing decision that erases all blood from the game.

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It’s been done before, sometimes with style like Danganronpa’s pink blood work-around, but the total lack of gore has got some players frustrated.

At first, many thought it was a glitch. An option to restore the blood has been found in the menu, however, and it seems Ubisoft made the decision to consciously remove it.

Ubisoft has covered up nudity in the Japanese version and made a few smaller changes that were previously announced. This specific edit had no previous announcement, and fans have taken to review websites to bash the game, labelling it a “scam”.

Initially, Ubisoft released a statement confirming the move was intentional, saying they had worked “in consultation with the related organization” to ensure the game could be released under a lower rating in Japan.

This was quickly disputed by CERO, Japan’s Computer Entertainment Rating Organization, who stated: “This is a notice that we had nothing to do with this and that we have absolutely not been contacted whatsoever or received a request for a meeting regarding this issue”.

An apology update was posted to the Ubisoft blog, reassuring fans that the company was working hard to resolve this issue.

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