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B-Wing and TIE Defender arriving in ‘Star Wars Squadrons’

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Blue Squadron standing by

The 4.0 update for Star Wars Squadrons is now live, including an array of bug fixes, the chance to pilot two new Starfighters, and access to a new map.

The New Republic and the Galactic Empire forces both receive a new starfighter each. The B-Wing Starfighter is joining the New Republic, whilst the Galactic Empire will gain the TIE Defender, with all of their attributes outlined here.

The B-Wing fits into the Bomber class of starfighters, and is described as a heavy gunship that operates as a backline fighter with low manoeuvrability. It has high durability and is well suited for dealing high damage to capital ships, as long as it is supported by faster ally ships.

The B-Wing also comes with its signature gyroscopic cockpit in the form of its unique component, the Gyro/Aux Control Module, which allows plates to rotate the entire body of the ship around the cockpit, affecting bomb release angle and improving missile evasion.

The TIE defender joins the ranks of more nimble fighters as a highly adaptable front and midline fighter, specialised in taking out enemy starfighters. It also comes with Advanced Power System, a unique component which allows a “significant overcharge to the system with max power.”

Alongside the new fighters, the new map Fostar Haven is free for all players. Custom Games are also being added, allowing up to ten players across two teams to play on any maps in both Dogfight and Fleet Battle modes.

Competitive play has also seen various adjustments as Skill Rating requirements have changed for each tier, a full table of the changes to matchmaking, as well a list of all other updates is available over on the official Patch Notes.

EA Motive had previously insisted that no free content updates were planned for Star Wars Squadrons, before deciding that they would.

The 4.0 update now marks the last of the promised content updates.

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