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Back-to-back team games removed in new ‘Fall Guys’ update

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“A lot of these changes are based directly on your feedback”

Mediatonic has released a brand-new update for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, which fixes some complaints from the community.

The patch, which the developer dubs as a “sneaky update” in a tweet, removes the possibility of getting two team games back-to-back. It also reduces the run-time of two of the minigames – Team Tail Tag and Royal Fumble – both of which require gamers to grab tails from other players. The two modes will now only last 90 seconds, the same as the solo version of Tail Tag.

In addition, Mediatonic has also cut back the number of players in Fall Mountain, one of the finale mini-games. It will now only come up if there are 15 or less players still in the match. All the changes were “based directly on your feedback”, the developer noted in a follow-up tweet.

Check out the tweets below.

Finally, the update also makes the Valve-themed skins available on the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 4 version of Fall Guys.

Earlier this month, Mediatonic released the first-ever patch for Fall Guys, which introduced a brand-new game and multiple bug fixes. The new level, called Jump Showdown, was originally in the beta and has officially been introduced into the full game.

Jump Showdown places the players on a circular platform with rotating obstacles designed to push you off. Players need to navigate through and avoid falling by jumping over and ducking under hurdles.

Fall Guys was released on August 4 for PC and PS4. NME’s Alan Wen called the game “a casual and chaotically original take on battle royal [that is] as hilarious as it is maddening,” in a glowing four-star review.

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