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Bethesda release ‘Fallout 76’ update early after accidentally going live

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Xbox owners found they were able to download the update early

Bethesda have brought Fallout 76’s Steel Dawn update a week forward following the update accidentally arriving early.

The update was originally scheduled to drop on December 1, but numerous Xbox owners discovered that the update had been released prematurely and was available to play. As a result, the update has since been made available for all players.

In a blog post, Bethesda stated it “there was an error that caused players in our Xbox community to download the Steel Dawn Update ahead of schedule” and Xbox players were identified as being unable to play the game. While discussing options, the team felt the best result was to push the update out on every available platform.

See the full Twitter statement from Bethesda below:

Reddit users have confirmed that the update is operational and they “don’t care who screwed up or why”, and are simply happy that the update is readily available.

The full patch notes for Fallout 76’s update is also up for players to browse. Steel Dawn will introduce the Brotherhood Of Steel into the game and feature a new quest line for player’s to embark on and is the beginning of multiple chapters.

All new C.A.M.P. shelters, new weapons and armour, and item bundles have been added. More notably, the negative status effects relating to low hunger and thirst levels have been removed, replaced with buffs that are gifted the higher each level is.

The Fallout universe is moving to the small screen in the future, as Amazon Studios announced earlier this year that it has picked up the rights to commission a TV series, which is set to be helmed by producers from the hit series, Westworld.

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