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‘BioMutant’ developer says lack of updates were to avoid crunch

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“it’s a big game, a big bite for 20 people to chew off”

BioMutant developers Experiment 101 have revealed in an interview that the reason for the lack of updates was in order to focus on fixing the game without needing to crunch.

In an interview with IGN, Experiment 101 have explained that the long gap between updates was to focus on ensuring that the game does not ship with bugs.

Studio head Stefan Ljungqvist explains that the 20 person studio is committed to releasing a finished game, but that “it’s a big game, a big bite for 20 people to chew off”

Ljungqvist said that ““It’s been a huge amount of work for QA, because it’s not easy in an open-world game to find them,”

“And then once they’ve been found, we have to fix them, and that’s put some additional challenge on us, being a small team.” he continued. “Any game is going to ship with [smaller] bugs, but I’m talking about bugs that are truly disruptive to the game experience,”

“We don’t want to ship with that. I think that’s what caused us to just wait until we were ready to do it.”

Ljungqvist also says that a lack of pressure from THQNordic was a blessing, due to the negative effect he believes the cruch would have on the game and the studio overall.

“we are 20 people and we can’t afford to have [staff] leave the studio, or be destroyed during development. That would be devastating.”

The official BioMutant Twitter account recently announced a new released date May 25, 2021. It was originally announced back in 2017 with a promised 2019 release date.

The game is set for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It will also be playable on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X through backward compatibility, with fully next-gen versions a possibility for the future.

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