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BioWare reveals more details about ‘Dragon Age 4’

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“We want to tell a story of what happens when you don’t have power”

Dragon Age 4 has received a new extensive look at the game’s production and what developer BioWare is aiming to bring to the new entry.

The developer has released a new behind-the-scenes look at Dragon Age 4, which also features some in-game footage of the upcoming game. “The things that you can expect in the next instalment are going to be stories that focus on the people around you,” the developers revealed. “And the friends and family you make.”

Some of these new characters were teased as shots of the actors recording lines for their parts were highlighted. Characters named Bellara and Davrin were unveiled to be part of the cast of new NPCs in Dragon Age 4.

As for gameplay, many new environments were shown from snowy mountains to dwarven ruins. “In the next Dragon Age you get an opportunity to see new things, new places, and interact with people who lived and grew up in these spaces as well,” BioWare explained.

Elements of the combat were shown and gave the impression combat will be more hands-on than past instalments. The playable character was shown facing foes with their shield held up and dodge rolling out the way of incoming attacks.

Check out the full behind the scenes video below:

Recently, executive producer Mark Darrah addressed fans about development on Dragon Age 4 and concerns raised around the lack of news. Darrah acknowledged that working from home is hard, yet the developer is “making progress.”

EA also showcased the game in a recent show reel for how games will look on next-gen systems. The montage outlined many upcoming games from the company, however Dragon Age 4 was highlighted as many of the fantasy worlds players will be able to visit when the game releases were shown.

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