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Black Panther and Captain Marvel skins for ‘Fortnite’ have leaked

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Skins based on Taskmaster and DC’s Green Arrow have also been discovered

Looks like more superhero skins are headed to Fortnite, according to brand-new leaks.

Prominent Fortnite dataminers ShiinaBR and Guille_GAG recently took to Twitter to share images and videos of the leaked skins, which are based on three Marvel characters: Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Taskmaster.

According to ShiinaBR, the skins will be included in a bundle called the Marvel: Royalty And Warriors Pack. It is currently unclear when the skins will be released, if they’ll be available individually or how much each skin will cost.

Check out the leaks below.

The dataminers also uncovered a skin based on DC’s Green Arrow. According to ShiinaBR, this skin will be available as part of the January Fortnite Crew pack. The Fortnite Crew pack is a monthly subscription that gives players access to 1000 V-Bucks a month, as well as exclusive skins and items.

The four leaked superhero skins might potentially be the latest Fortnite crossover with other popular franchises. Earlier this month, Season 5 of the game launched with a new The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda skin, shortly followed by cosmetics based on Halo‘s Master Chief and God Of War‘s Kratos.

The new skins would tie-in with the plotline of the new season, which follows Agent Jones as he gathers a ragtag crew of hunters from alternate realities to hunt down anyone who escapes something referred to as “The Loop”.

Epic Games also recently introduced a new limited-time mode to Fortnite called The Spy Within. The mode is a multiplayer social deduction game, much like Among Us, where two players assume the role of spies and are pitted against eight agent players.

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