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Blizzard outlines BlizzConline virtual festivities

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The studio announced a variety of panels and content plans

Blizzard has outlined details for its upcoming virtual BlizzConline event, which takes place later this month.

BlizzConline will officially kick off on Feburary 19 at 2 pm PST/5 pm EST with its the opening ceremony, according a new blogpost. The segment will offer updates on some of the latest games Blizzard is working on, possibly including previously teased games like Overwatch 2 and the Diablo franchise.

Afterward, BlizzConline will splinter off for “three-plus hours” of programming with six separate programming channels. Each channel comes with a different theme with content based around a number of different games, according to Blizzard’s official outline, although specific titles were not mentioned.

The second day of BlizzConline starts at 12pm PST/3 pm EST on February 20. Viewers 0can curate their own viewing experience with additional channels once more. Moreover, throughout the festivities, Blizzard will highlight its global community by showcasing its Community Showcase winners.

Blizzard didn’t offer a detailed listing of panels or programming. Instead, that will be coming “in the weeks before the show.”

Though BlizzConline is completely free-to-view, paid goodies are available for purchase. Buying a virtual ticket nets customers a variety of digital 30th Anniversary Blizzard items for some of the company’s most popular games. There are Diablo 3 and StarCraft 2 emblems, World of Warcraft mounts, pets and more.

Blizzard first announced its shift from the physical BlizzCon to BlizzConline in September 2020. The company wanted to ensure fans had a way to commiserate despite the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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