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Bossa Studios awarding $1000 to the best built labs in ‘Surgeon Simulator 2’

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The game’s coming later this week

Surgeon Simulator 2 releases on PC later this week (August 27) and Bossa Studios is hosting a monthly competition for the best built labs in-game.

The game is set to launch with many new features and one new mode known as Creation Mode gives players the ability to create their own custom labs. The developer has announced a monthly competition where it will handpick five levels it deems the best, make them a part of the game’s community spotlight and reward the creators with US$1000.

Creation Mode has been shown to be fairly extensive, offering an assortment of features for players to create the lab of their dreams. Through an in-game catalogue, labs can be upgrade with a range of surface textures, furnishings and decorations. Players can even party up co-operatively to make their ideas a reality as a team.

Through player’s imaginations, the concept can be extended beyond a basic lab setting with environments such as mazes, space stations and escape rooms having the ability to be crafted with the right tools. There’s also the possibility to create various mini-game variations, such as bowling, dance mats and basketball courts.

Check out the creation trailer below for a full rundown:

Surgeon Simulator 2 is a sequel to the cult-classic that originally released back in 2013. The game featured a purposefully hard to master control scheme which was a massive part of the appeal, as the end-result often ended in comical chaos.

When Surgeon Simulator 2 launches, it will be available exclusively to the Epic Games Store. Coming to the sequel are many notable inclusions, including the option to freely explore operation rooms, the ability to play in four-player co-op, and the previously mentioned Creative Mode.

In related Epic Games Store news, Hitman 3 was revealed to be coming to the platform as an exclusive when it releases in 2021, and Rocket League will be leaving Steam to join the launcher, while also becoming free-to-play.

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