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BTS announce collaboration with long running MMORPG ‘MapleStory’

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Kim Seokjin is already a huge fan of the game.

In an official announcement, Nexon confirmed that they will be working with BTS for a collaboration across MapleStory and MapleStory M.

The MapleStory x BTS page on their site has the dates November 25, 2 December and 9 December above a video of the world famous K-pop group getting loud and excited over something off camera.

According to a press announcement, the videos will be behind the scenes video of BTS at the MapleStory game studios, as well as sharing anecdotes about their childhood growing up with the game.

The initial video highlights Kim Seokjin who is a known fan of the game, having previously asked fans to help him get the username ‘BTSJin’ in the game. The star has also learned to play the title music for MapleStory, further cementing his love of the game.

MapleStory has been running for over 15 years, and has over 13 million registered, and 274 million characters created. A mobile follow up, MapleStory M is similarly popular with over 16 million global downloads to date.

The game is well known for its 2D side scrolling gameplay and pixel art charm, which allows its users a huge wealth of customisation options.

In August the official MapleStory twitter account replied to a tweet of Jin holding two big cuddly toys of MapleStory creatures, back in August, which predates the announcement. Comparing images from the video and the tweet suggests both were taken at the at around the same time.

Recently BTS performed their new single ‘Life Goes On’ for the first time on November 22 at the American Music Awards. The track was released on Friday (20) alongside their new album ‘BE’ which was created during the coronavirus pandemic.

BTS held the performance at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium, where the band were due to kick off their since cancelled ‘Map of The Soul’ world tour in April 2020.

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