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Bungie details new Titan subclass for ‘Destiny 2: Beyond Light’

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Meet the Titan Behemoth

Bungie has revealed new information surrounding Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s new Titan subclass.

Bungie took to its blog to profile the Titan Behemoth, giving gamers a look at the new Titan’s abilities ahead of the arrival of Beyond Light in November. The post revealed how Titans will become Behemoths when players harness the power of the Darkness.

A new 40-second gameplay trailer showing off the Titan Behemoth has also been released. Check out the Behemoth in action below.

While the expansion’s two other subclasses use the Statis ability in one specific way – the Warlock Shadebinders use it to freeze opponents and Hunter Revenants can slow enemies down – the Behemoth can use Stasis for both offence and defence.

The Titan Behemoth’s melee ability, Shiver Strike, summons a gauntlet of crystallized Darkness that can be used to thrust enemies backwards. Shiver Strike also ties into the Behemoth’s new Statis Super ability, Glacial Quake.

The Behemoth can summon a gauntlet similar to Shiver Strike, while covering itself in Stasis crystals, which boosts its damage resistance, grants unlimited melee energy, and strengthens melee attacks. While in Glacial Quake, Behemoths also move faster and jump farther.

Bungie also noted that the movement boost from Glacial Quake will open up directional combos: “For example, you can cancel out of a slide into a massive Stasis-powered leap, only to cancel that just at the right moment and direct the Behemoth downward into a devastating slam”.

The Behemoth also has a melee override called Ground Control. The Titan will be propelled forward by a glacier beneath it. It will then smash into an enemy, freezing all nearby foes in the process.

Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion is set to arrive on November 10 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia.

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