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Bungie no longer have plans to expand the Cosmodrome in ‘Destiny 2’

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“We failed to properly update your expectations”

Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2‘s Cosmodrome location will not be getting any bigger.

In the past Bungie had promised that the Cosmodrome would be built upon until it reached “roughly Destiny 1 Year-1 parity.”

In a community announcement on on the Destiny 2 blog on February 11 Bungie confirmed that they will no longer be going ahead with the completion of the Cosmodrome area.

Community manager dmg04 explained that when plans to bring back the Cosmodrome were announced, they were uncertain how far they were going to go.

Explaining the different choices they were faced with, dmg04 said “How much of Cosmo would we need in order to accomplish our goals of having a great space to tell the new Guardian origin story while still giving veteran players a big dose of nostalgia via some updates to the strike playlist?

We failed to properly update your expectations for how far the Cosmodrome experience was going to be extended and that was a mistake.”

He continued, “With the Devil’s Lair and Fallen S.A.B.E.R. strikes returning, we don’t have any active plans to add more to the Cosmodrome than what is there will be focusing on new updates overall.”

Bungie have come under criticism from its fan base for ‘vaulting’ certain content, as Eurogamer reported. Vaulting is the process of taking content offline to ease the process of adding new content and patches to the game easier.

In more recent Destiny 2 news, older exotics from the Cult of Aeon set have been revamped for the latest content expansion, Season of the Chosen, which started on February 9.

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