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Bungie unveils the next chapter for ‘Destiny 2’ beginning with new expansion

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New content is planned until at least 2022

Bungie has outlined their roadmap for Destiny 2 for the next three years, beginning with Beyond Light on September 22.

Beyond Light marks the beginning of Bungie’s roadmap for the future, in which the company revealed there are no sequel plans and will instead continue building upon the foundations of Destiny 2. Game director Luke Smith stated in the stream that “we don’t want to start from scratch and build a sequel”.

The first expansion is influenced by the powers of darkness and, for the first time in Destiny 2, will introduce a new element damage type known as Stasis.

Watch the trailer below.

Two more expansions were also unveiled: The Witch Queen, which is due to release in 2021, and Lightfall scheduled for release in 2022.

The aim is to bring Destiny 2 forward as a continuous live game with new expansions, dungeons and content arriving until at least 2022. However, old unplayed content will be removed to make room for new additions as time goes on. The cut content will be stored in a vault in which it can return when needed. Content from the original Destiny will also make an appearance in the form of strikes.

To assist in the transition, Bungie revealed that all PS4 and Xbox One owners of Destiny 2 will be able to upgrade the game to next-gen systems for free. The upgrade to the new consoles will bring 4K support and 60fps gameplay. Cross-play will also be integrated to allow play across the numerous systems.

Starting the transition into their new roadmap, Bungie have released a new dungeon entitled Prophecy, which is a part of the Season of Arrivals update and is available today.

Watch the trailer below.

The company began the live stream with 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence in tribute of George Floyd. “This marks the time in which George Floyd was killed,” Bungie delivered in a powerful message. Bungie joins other company’s such as Infinity Ward in showcasing their support for the cause.

The statement ended with links to various links to charities supporting the Black Lives Matter movement with a simple message: “Sign up. Donate. Organize. Mobilize.”

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