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Byzantium and Gaul to join ‘Civilization VI’ in new DLC

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The September Frontier Pass pack also adds new world wonders and more

Firaxis has revealed that its upcoming DLC for Civilization VI will introduce Byzantium and Gaul as playable civilizations.

The details surrounding Byzantium and Gaul are scarce, as the developers want to “keep [players] in suspense” until the first look videos for the civilizations are released, Firaxis explained in a recent video update.

However, it did note that Byzantium will be “all about conquest, be militarily or religiously”, while the Gaul are set to have “beefy boosts related to culture and production”.

The September DLC pack will also include two new world wonders: the Biosphere, which increases appeal for marsh and rainforest tiles, and the Statue Of Zeus, which grants free military units to the civilization that builds it. The update also adds a new map script called the Highlands, which will be “dominated by hills and mountain ranges”.

A new game mode called the Dramatic Ages, which will make Dark Ages and Golden “more potent than ever”, will also be included in the DLC. According to the mode’s description, players will start off a game in a Normal Age, with the subsequent era being either only a Dark of Golden Age.

Check out all the new content in the upcoming Civilization VI DLC here.

The Byzantium & Gaul DLC pack will be released on September 24 as part of the Civilization VI Frontier Pass. Like other packs in the season pass, the new DLC will also be available for purchase individually, although the price is currently unknown.

Last month, Firaxis released an update for Civilization VI that introduced Tech And Civic Shuffle Mode. It randomises the prerequisites, cost and positions of the respective tech trees that will be applied in one match for all players.

Back in July, the developer released the Ethiopia Pack, which added Ethiopia as a playable civilization. Other new features included a new district called the Diplomatic Quarter that acts as a player’s “hub for foreign policy and international relations”.

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