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‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’ mid-season update drops next week

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Another update has also gone live, updating numerous playlists

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War mid-season update arrives next week, Activision has announced.

Following season one beginning last month (December), it appears it’s already hitting half way through its life span, as a recent Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War blog post revealed the mid-season refresh will commence on January 14.

The update promises to be “even bigger with new content in Multiplayer and Zombies”, beginning with a new Fireteam map known as Sanatorium, on top of a new multiplayer mode being incorporated known as Dropkick. Little is known about the latest mode, aside from players will “fight for control of the nuclear codes”.

Zombies is also getting updated in line with the mid-season update. The popular multiplayer mode Cranked will be getting a Zombies variant, “where every zombie killed resets the timer counting down to your demise”. In the Onslaught mode, a new map known as Raid will be introduced, alongside “new Dark Aether intel for Zombies fans on PlayStation”.

Another update for Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has also gone live, adding new playlists and multiplayer modes. A new 24/7 playlist allows two fan-favourite 6 vs. 6 maps, Raid and Crossroads Strike, to be played for a limited time.

As for the new modes, Gunfight Blueprints tasks two teams of two to fight with an assortment of randomised weapon blueprints. On the other hand, Dirty Bomb Duos is exclusive to Fireteam, and reduced the player count to accommodate ten teams of two.

Call Of Duty: Warzone has recently been under the spotlight, after players have reported being shadowbanned, despite claims stating they have not been cheating.

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