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‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ players report being shadowbanned despite not cheating

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YouTuber Tomographic said he was shadowbanned after being reported by other users

Several Call Of Duty: Warzone players have reported being shadowbanned from the game despite not partaking in cheating and hacking.

Shadowbans in Call Of Duty refer to players not being able to partake in regular matchmaking, and are instead paired against other players who have been suspected of cheating.

Players can be shadowbanned after being reported by other gamers for suspected offences. The player reporting function in Call Of Duty: Warzone was introduced earlier this year after several ban waves that targetted players who used cheats and hacks.

The reporting tool was designed to aid Activision and Infinity Ward in spotlighting unlawful players, before taking action against them by banning or suspending their accounts. However, the feature is now seemingly inadvertently affecting players who don’t use cheats or hacks.

YouTuber Tomographic released a video on Christmas Day chronicling his experience with being shadowbanned. As he reports, his account was reported by other players for cheating when he was actually using a broken rifle.

Watch Tomographic’s video below.

The user then attributed his cheating accusations to his use of the DMR 14 rifle, which he claimed lets players kill enemies with two headshots consecutively. “It’s clear that not everybody is aware of how broken this new rifle is,” he said.

Tomographic then goes on to detail what the “cheater bracket” is like. He noted that queuing up for a match in Warzone now takes him 15 to 20 minutes before entering a match, which is riddled with other cheaters.

The shadowban also affected other players in Tomographic’s party. He claimed that despite his teammates not being banned or blacklisted, they too would encounter an onslaught of cheaters whenever they played matches with him.

Tomographic has since revealed on Twitter that his shadowban has been lifted, and he can resume playing Call Of Duty: Warzone again without being chucked into the “cheater’s bracket”.

In other Warzone news, fan-favourite character John “Soap” MacTavish has been teased to join the game’s operator roster. Following the reveal of a new Warzone cutscene, which features the voice of Soap offscreen, the character’s operator bundle was leaked, and will reportedly be available in Black Ops Cold War. A release date for Soap as an operator has not been announced.

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