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‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ releases substantial Season 5 Reloaded update

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A new Games Of Summer event kick off on Friday

Call Of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare have both received a mid-season update titled Reloaded, which adds new modes, weapons and a limited-time event.

The most notable inclusion is the new Games Of Summer event, which will run from August 28 to September 7 for both Modern Warfare and Warzone players. During this time, players will be able to tackle up to five single-player trials of skill, racking up points and medals as they take on each course. There will be unlimited entries for players to hone their skills and obtain the best score.

Additionally, players will also be eligible to receive personal rewards based on performance, including vehicle skins, XP tokens, vehicle horns, calling cards and legendary weapon blueprints. Those who earn gold in each trial will receive the legendary assault rifle Juliet blueprint.

The five trials are scheduled begin on different dates throughout the event and will include:

Warzone is also expected to receive a new mode titled King Slayer, which operates as a large-scale team deathmatch between multiple teams. Similarly to Warzone, the mode will have a circle that players must stay inside, however it will now move, forcing teams to always be on the offensive. The top player in the five best teams will be marked as a king and when eliminated will earn extra points and a free killstreak.

For more competitive players, Gunfight Tournament is coming alongside the Games Of Summer in Warzone, pitting players head-to-head. This mode will take place in the newly opened stadium pitch and winners will be rewarded with XP and high tier cosmetic rewards.

The Modern Warfare portion is also getting a new mode with Ground War Reinforced. Three flags must be secured that reside in the middle of the map. Players won’t be able to respawn upon death and instead must wait for their team to secure a flag. Gaining all three will win the round for your team.

As for weapons, the FiNN LMG is being added which can be earned by completing an in-game challenge or acquiring the blueprint by purchasing the Mainframe bundle from the store. The new weapon is said to be ultra-light with advanced recoil controls, blurring the line between an assault rifle and the LMG.

The store will also be refreshed with a new operator known as Morte, and other bundles packed with cosmetics and blueprints.

The latest instalment in the franchise is set to be revealed tomorrow and is known as Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Blizzard Entertainment have recently confirmed that the title will be available exclusively through its online store for PC players when it releases.

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