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‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ steps up anti-cheat efforts with fresh bans

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The first wave of cheaters was banned last week

Call Of Duty: Warzone developers Raven Software have announced a new wave of bans across the popular Warzone mode.

Banning some 60,000 cheaters at the tail end of last week, Raven Software have not provided specific numbers this time around, but stated there were “more to come”.

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Cheating in Call Of Duty: Warzone remains an ongoing issue, which has forced Raven Software to introduce several anti-cheat measures since its release.

One of the more creative methods introduced last year was a two-step verification for PC players accessing the free-to-play version of Warzone, which invalidated over 180,000 suspicious accounts.

In a blog update last week, Raven Software listed several different ways it is fighting cheaters, which includes weekly backend security updates, improved in-game reporting tools, and the removal of multiple unauthorised third party software providers.

The team has also put forward plans for enhanced internal anti-cheat software, more regular communication with a focus on two-way dialogue and a zero-tolerance approach to cheat providers.

At the end of last week’s blog post, the team at Call Of Duty: Warzone signed off with the message: “There’s no place for cheating. We’re committed to this cause. We are listening and will not stop in our efforts.”

The Armoured Royale mode in Call Of Duty: Warzone was disabled this week due to a game-breaking bug which turned players invincible.

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