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CD Projekt RED has delayed ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ again

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“We feel we have an amazing game on our hands”

Despite going gold and CD Projekt RED reassuring fans that the game will not be pushed back, Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed yet again, the company has confirmed.

According to a statement from the developer on Twitter, the reason behind Cyberpunk 2077’s latest delay is due to “shipping the game on current-gen, next-gen, and PC at the same time”, which was resulted in the team having to test nine different versions of the game.

Because of this, the game will now release three weeks later on December 10, instead of November 19, in order to “make sure everything works well and every version runs smoothly”. The studio also noted that “it might seem unrealistic when someone says that 21 days can make any difference in such a massive and complex game, but they really do”.

The statement ended with the company addressing the fact that the game has already gone gold ahead of its launch. Even though the game “is ready, can be completed and has all the content in”, the developer “undercalculated” the time spent needed to keep working on the game and “raising the quality bar”.

You can read the full statement below:

The delay comes just weeks after the company was discovered to be implementing a “crunch” workstyle up to launch day, with mandatory six working day weeks being implemented. In response to reports surfacing about the new working week, the studio head responded by saying that it “is one of the hardest decisions” he has ever had to make, and that “the majority of the team understands”.

According to a tweet from Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, the team found out about Cyberpunk 2077’s delay the same time the statement went live, as the company “sent an internal email simultaneously with the public tweet.”

Recently, the company addressed fans concerns over content that has been cut from Cyberpunk 2077, in which senior level designer Miles Tost asked fans to “trust” the developers.

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