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CD Projekt RED tells PlayStation owners to sit tight for a ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ refund

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“Please wait for us to get back to you”

Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt RED has informed players who’ve requested a refund for their PlayStation version of the game to “please wait”, instead of contacting Sony.

Per Kotaku, users who reached out to CD Projekt RED directly about a refund have been sent a message asking PlayStation players to “please wait for us to get back to you”. Xbox users, on the other hand, were directed to a Microsoft support article.

Moreover, a message sent to CNBC journalist Steve Kovach by PlayStation Support seems to confirm that Sony is currently not entertaining any refunds for the game, despite its policy for refunding “faulty” content.

“CD Projekt Red is currently working on patches and updates to fix bugs and crashes, and to improve overall gameplay experience of Cyberpunk 2077,” PlayStation Support told Kovach.

This turn of events occurs just days after CD Projekt RED apologised for the game’s subpar performance on consoles, and initially directed users who bought the game on digital platforms – such as Sony’s PlayStation Store and the Microsoft Store – to use the platforms’ refund systems. However, PlayStation users soon found themselves being denied refunds, despite the developer’s statement, in accordance with the platform’s refund policies.

CD Projekt RED’s vice president of business development, Michał Nowakowski, later clarified the company’s stance when it comes to refunds. During a recent investors call, the VP revealed that the company does not have any special agreements in place with Microsoft and Sony to process the refunds, and that all refunds will still depend on the stores’ individual policies.

During the same investors call, Nowakowski also admitted that the developer “did not spend enough time” working on the last-gen versions of Cyberpunk 2077. He said that the team had instead spent time “looking at the next-gen and PC performance”, while noting that the plan for a day one patch “did not come together exactly as we had planned”.

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