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Check out 14 minutes of grotesque ‘Scorn’ gameplay on the Xbox Series X

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The game is set to be an Xbox Series console exclusive

Ebb Software has shared 14 minutes of disgustingly visceral Scorn gameplay, which is set to be an Xbox Series exclusive.

The extended gameplay demonstration was captured from an Xbox Series X console, and provided an in-depth glimpse at the upcoming horror game. The level is an updated version of the 2017 build, and “has been running on Xbox Series X for only a couple of months but has already reached parity with high-spec PC configurations”, according to a press release.

Scorn’s gameplay takes place in a different part of the previously shown level. Since its initial gameplay reveal, both the gameplay and graphics have been enhanced. The 4K video boasts new weapons, animations, environments and creatures that have previously not been seen.

Throughout the 14 minute clip, the influences of artist H. R. Giger are instantly recognisable. The first-person exploration of the mysterious world is reminiscent of Giger’s visual design work on Alien, whilst the organic guns and world bear a resemblance to the works of iconic horror director David Cronenberg.

Check out the full 14 minute walkthrough of Scorn below:

Scorn was initially revealed in Microsoft’s first showcase for the Xbox Series X. The game is expected to launch in 2021 and will be exclusive to the Xbox Series X and S on console, and will also be released for PC. Xbox Game Pass members will be able to play the title day one free of charge.

The Medium, another Xbox Series console, exclusive, is set to launch in December. Also embodying horror vibes, the game will feature two parallel worlds which can be played simultaneously, utilising the full power of the upcoming next-gen systems.

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