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Check out a spooky ‘Animal Crossing’-inspired horror short film

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A short horror film inspired by the immensely popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons has appeared on YouTube.

The YouTube short is called DON’T PEEK and was created by Julian Terry. It’s set around the idea of late-night gaming, specifically playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons to the early hours of the morning. Terry advises users in the film’s description to “watch with headphones and don’t play Animal Crossing late at night”.

DON’T PEEK’s premise is based around the concept that the game is integrated with the real world and every action the protagonist makes within the game appears in the real world. It’s not long before things take a sinister turn as an otherworldly presence comes to fruition.

Check out the full short below:

Earlier this year, several companies and public personalities Animal Crossing: New Horizons made appearances in the popular game. Back in June, KFC opened up their own island in the game, that was themed around the restaurant chain. Competitions were held, as players scrambled to find an islander dressed as the KFC Colonel, and took screenshots with him in the hopes of winning an 8 piece bucket of chicken.

US Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, also teamed up with Kinda Funny Games to create a Biden inspired island. It was intended to promote the candidate and encourage gamers to vote in the current election.

Nintendo recently released its earning releases for the year, which highlighted that Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been a big seller for the company. It was shown that the game has shifted 26million copies since its release back in March.

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