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‘Civilization VI’ December update introduces city-state picker

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There’s also a new ‘Stop Asking Me’ button

Firaxis has unveiled the changes that will be headed to Civilization VI in the game’s free December update.

The new feature in the upcoming update is the City-State Picker, which will be available through the Advanced Setup game option. The function will allow players to control the number and type of city-states that will appear in any game, alongside disabling individual city-states to prevent them from popping up.

The City-State Picker, as pointed out by the UI/UX team lead for Civilization VI Hartley Tronster, will also let players remove city-states that grant certain perks, such as Science-based ones, and customise games’ difficulty.

There will also be a new ‘Stop Asking Me’ button, which will allow players to tell AI civilisations to stop pestering players with repeated requests or demands. Alongside this change, AI leaders have also been given tweaks to increase their in-game logic regarding the razing of cities or when declaring war.

Other changes in the upcoming December update include bug fixes and changes to Secret Societies mode, as well as balances tweaks to certain technologies for players who own the Gathering Storm expansion pack.

Check out all the changes in the video below.

The free December update for Civilization VI will be released on December 17. The November update for the game added a new mode called Heroes & Legends, where players can claim legendary heroes such as Hercules, Beowulf and Maui.

Back in October, Firaxis released an update which introduced a scenario inspired by the classic Sid Meier’s Pirates! game. It pits players against each other in a “contest for treasure and glory on the high seas”, accompanied by art and assets that have been updated to create a more “tropical, pirate-y atmosphere”.

Earlier this year, the developer announced the New Frontier Pass for Civilization VI. The season pass is a a year-long project for the developer, consisting of six new DLCs released bimonthly from May 2020 onwards.

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