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‘Civilization VI’ details New Frontier Pass content in new video

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Bringing new game modes, leaders, and a country update

The team behind Civilization VI have detailed its fifth downloadable content (DLC) drop in its New Frontier Pass, the Vietnam and Kublai Khan Pack.

Firaxis will be adding a new game mode and introducing Vietnam as a playable country, among other changes.

The full nature of the Vietnam element is yet to be fully revealed, with an upcoming “first look” video being teased. The team did however reveal that it will follow a “culture and terrain” civilisation basis and introduce a powerful new leader.

Watch the full video here:

Firaxis have said that the Vietnam leader will be a “god-like figure whose achievements have become stuff of legend”. According to the announcement, he will be identified by his “bravery, guerrilla tactics, and deadly temper”.

This is not the only leader coming to Civilization VI in the new packs, as China and Mongilia are due to receive Kublai Khan as part of the content. The team described him as “jolly but ruthless” and added that he will bring new opportunities to gameplay events.

A new district will also be added, the Preserve, which allows for Sanctuaries and Groves to be built inside it. These are said to boost the appeal of surrounding tiles, with Charming and Breathtaking tiles yielding more resources.

Another part of the content drop, alongside the Vietnam and Kublai Khan Pack, is the addition of a Monopolies and Corporations game mode. The mode will focus on creating industries and duplicating resources, allowing for localised buffs and even global monopolies.

More content is yet to be announced for the full New Frontier Pass, including one full DLC instalment in March, but the Vietnam and Kublai Khan Pack will be available to buy later in January.

December saw some huge changes to Civilization VI with the City-State Picker update. It allows players to change a number of scenario rules, including the number and type of city-states.

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