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‘Civilization VI’ Ethiopia Pack adds new mode, diplomatic district

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It’ll also introduce Ethiopia as a playable civilization

Firaxis Games has detailed all the new additions coming to Civilization VI in its upcoming Ethiopia Pack.

The new DLC will introduce Ethiopia as a playable civilization into the series for the second time, following Civilization V: Gods & Kings. Ethiopia will be a religion-focused civilization with a special ability that allows it to generate faith points through international trade routes. More details regarding Ethiopia will be revealed at a later date.

The Ethiopia Pack will also introduce a new district called the Diplomatic Quarter that will be a player’s “hub for foreign policy and international relations”. The powerful district, which will be limited to one per player, will give additional culture for each delegation or embassy from foreign civilizations. Different upgrades within the district will also grant influence and science points once built.

The DLC will also include the new Secret Societies game mode, which will be available for players who own the Gathering Storm or Rise And Fall expansion packs. It features four different groups for players to join, ranging from an occult society to a literal pact of vampires.

Check out all the new content in the Ethiopia Pack here.

The Ethiopia Pack will be released on July 23 for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, and will go for USD$5. Subscribers of the New Frontier Pass will receive the update for free, alongside persona packs for existing leaders Teddy Roosevelt and Catherine De Medici.

Last month, Firaxis detailed Season 2 of Civilization VI’s battle royale mode, Red Death, with the introduction of two new factions: Aliens and Zombies. In addition, Game Of Thrones actor Sean Bean, who provided voiceover work for the standard mode of Civilization VI, also returned to narrate Red Death.

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