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Co-op Viking game ‘Valheim’ surpasses 1million units sold in Early Access

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It has received over 19,000 “overwhelmingly positive” reviews since releasing on February 2

Co-op Viking survival game Valheim has surpassed over 1million units sold on Steam in Early Access.

This is according to the game’s Steam page, with a blogpost dedicated to celebrating the accomplishment. The game was first released via Early Access on February 2, and has already sold over 1million units within a week.

“This week may go down as the fastest, most powerful and biggest ever Viking invasion witnessed in human history,” said Iron Gate. “Not only have we surpassed our first huge milestone together, but the way you have all rallied your weapons and embraced Valheim has been incredible.”

The studio also noted that several players have submitted “fantastic feedback and suggestions” and that it is “currently hard at work addressing issues some of our players have reported to maximise the game experience for more vikings”.

The game has also received over 19,135 “overwhelmingly positive” reviews on Steam since February 2. Several players have also left glowing reviews on the game’s page, with comments that read: “Has more game play, less bugs, and is polished better than most AAA games while still being in early access. I would pay $40 for this game, keep up the good work devs!”

The game centers around players having to navigate through Valheim, the tenth Norse realm, where terrifying creatures and “ancient enemies of the gods” reside. The game can be played as a single-player experience, or as a multiplayer, with support for up to 10 players online.

A date for Valheim’s official release has not been announced.

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