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Cody Sun let go by 100 Thieves ahead of 2021 season

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His contract was due to run until November 2021

Professional League of Legends player Cody Sun has been prematurely released from his contract by 100 Thieves.

Starting out as part of the original line-up in 2018, Sun spent some time with Clutch Gaming but was brought back in time for the 2020 season by Chris Smith.

As a successful player, Smith hoped Sun would revive the team a little, giving them a taste of the glory they found two years prior.

Unfortunately, the team didn’t live up to expectations. After a relatively successful season, their performance in the play-offs fell short, and Smith is now looking to reshuffle.

Sun has already faced issues at 100 Thieves, as he was side-lined during Worlds due to ‘disagreements within the team’, being replaced instead by Rikara.

Even so, Sun’s release comes as something of a surprise to fans, who expressed their support on Twitter. According to his contract, he was due to support 100 Thieves as AD Carry until November 2021, making him an unexpectedly free agent before the new season starts.

Both 100 Thieves and Cody Sun confirmed the news on Twitter, with Sun commenting: “I am very grateful for the opportunities given to me by 100T, as well as very excited for what’s to come”.

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