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‘Crash Bandicoot 4’ coming to next-gen consoles, Nintendo Switch next month

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A PC version will be released “later this year”

Activision has announced that Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time will launch on next-gen consoles and Nintendo Switch next month.

The publisher shared via the Activision blog that the PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch version of the game will be released on March 12. The game will also launch on PC later this year and will be available through

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time will support native 4K at 60fps on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, while the Xbox Series S version will be upscaled to 4K. The PC version of the game will also support 4K resolution, based on players’ specs, while frame rates will be uncapped and at 60fps with recommended specs.

Players who already own the game on PS4 and Xbox One are entitled to free upgrades on the corresponding next-gen console, should they choose to make the switch. Players who own physical copies of the game will also have to own disc versions of the new gaming consoles in order to claim their upgrades. A complete guide on how players can claim their free upgrades can be found here.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time was released on current-gen consoles in October last year to rave reviews. NME’s Stacey Henley praised the game for “understanding the classic Crash trilogy while also realising the perfect way to update it” in a glowing four-and-a-half star review.

In other Crash Bandicoot 4 news, players have discovered an easter egg that is believed to be hinting at the game’s sequel. Players who return to the beach on the first level of the game with 106 per cent completion will discover a new logo on the TV set following the flashing of the franchise’s four main titles on the screen.

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