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‘Cyberpunk 2077’ surpasses 8 million pre-orders

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With day one sales, it could beat Grand Theft Auto V’s sales record

Cyberpunk 2077 surpassed eight million pre-orders ahead of its global launch today (December 10).

For reference, Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is up for Game Of The Year at tonight’s The Game Awards, sold 3.5 million copies on release day, 5 million in total.

According to Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad, 8 million pre-orders will amount to around $500 million (£376 million) for Cyberpunk 2077 developers CD Projekt Red. The current record for launch day income is held by Rockstar Games and Grand Theft Auto V, which made $800 million (£602 million).

However, GTA’s figure includes both pre-order and day one sales. Until Cyberpunk 2077’s day one sales are revealed, we won’t know if it has beat the record.

Ahmad added that Cyberpunk 2077‘s development costs stand at $135 million (£101 million), with the figure still set to rise as the developers work on multiplayer mode. He also pointed out that this figure does not include any of the marketing budget.

Cyberpunk 2077 has already beat a different launch day record, amassing 1 million concurrent players on Steam today (December 10), topping the all time charts for a single player game on release day. Fallout 4, the previous record holder, peaked at 472,000 concurrent players.

Meanwhile, the game has added an epilepsy warning to the game while working on “a more permanent solution”. This follows reports that one reviewer suffered seizures during an unskippable story section.

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