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Dataminer allegedly unveils details about rumoured Nintendo Switch Pro

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Despite Nintendo’s boss previously refuting claims

A dataminer had allegedly discovered details about the long rumoured Nintendo Switch Pro.

The new model of the Nintendo Switch has been theorised over recent months and a new report signals that credence to said speculation.

As reported by Wccftech, a new Resetera thread shares details from a known dataminer called SciresM, who has uncovered a reference to a new piece of hardware known as Aula in the latest Nintendo Switch firmware update.

According to SciresM, the new model will contain a Mariko (Tegra X1+) SoC, the very same chip found in the 2019 Nintendo Switch model and Lite version of the console.

The dataminer has speculated that while this is the same chip, it will be enhanced to push further capabilities. Additionally, they also noted support for a Realtek chip, which supports “4K UHD multimedia SoC”, but mentions the chip may be instilled into the dock, rather than the console itself.

The display is also said to be “upgraded”, although they acknowledge they are not sure whether it will support 4K.

Despite rumours and reports of an upcoming enhanced Nintendo Switch model, the company’s boss Doug Bowser recently refuted any claims that it was working on a Pro version of the system.

In a recent interview with Polygon, Bowser acknowledged the “momentum” of both the Nintendo Switch and Lite models, adding that the company “will continue, for the foreseeable future, to really lean into both of those platforms and the content that comes with it, because it’s the symbiotic relationship that makes the real difference.”

Nintendo is already off to a huge start in 2021, after recently acquiring the developers behind Luigi’s Mansion 3 to work on upcoming projects.

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