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Datamining reveals Mastercraft weapons for ‘Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War’ and ‘Warzone’

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Featuring ’80s day-glo, collectible toys and more

Data miners have revealed the first set of Mastercraft Weapons, and has revealed over 100 new Cosmetic Bundles for both Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

Mastercraft Weapons are exaggerated weapon skins that completely overhaul the design the associated weapon. They were first featured in Treyarch’s Call of Duty Black Ops 4, and were expected to return. This leak gives players the first chance to see what they look like.

COD Tracker has covered all cosmetic 108 bundles and their contents, with The Mastercraft Bundles as the highlight.

The Mint Condition bundle is themed around collectible toys, and its Ultra skin transforms an AK-47u into a toy gun complete chunky plastic casing.

The Retro Renegade bundle goes for a day-glo ’80s theme, with its skin Tape Deck Ultra turning the KSP 45 into a throwback boombox, complete with tape deck and sweatband handle guard.

Finally the Rocket Science bundle lends the AK-47 a Soviet themed Ultra skin in the form of ICBrifle, which features an ICBM missile on top of the gun, along with launch codes and a firing key trinket.

A Youtube video has surfaced that covers all of the skins animations and sound effects in great detail, featured below:

Each Mastercraft bundle costs 2400 COD points (£16.79) and gives those who purchase it access to an Ultra quality Mastercraft weapon, Legendary Charm, Legendary Kill-Count Watch, Epic Calling Card, Epic Sticker, and Epic Vehicle Horn.

Dom Peppiatt reviewed Black Ops Cold War for NME earlier in the year. Whilst he found the story itself was problematic as it seemed to “exist purely to pay homage to the uneasy military fetishism”, he also praised the multiplayer for creating a “solid foundation for the future”.

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