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‘Dead By Daylight’ to introduce cross-platform play this year

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Players will also get ‘add friends’ and ‘search’ functions

Behaviour Interactive has revealed that Dead By Daylight will receive cross-platform play sometime this year.

Dead By Daylight producer Stefan Beauchamp-Daniel announced the long-awaited feature during a live stream in celebration of the game’s fourth anniversary. He said that cross-play will become “part of the base matchmaking experience” in Dead by Daylight moving forward.

Watch the live stream here.

He added that “the other added benefit that we’re hoping cross-play is going to bring is that we’re going to diversify the meta between different platforms”, suggesting that the feature might bring about new in-game techniques as players from different platforms finally go up against one another.

Cross-play is set to arrive alongside two new functions: ‘add friends’ and ‘search’. These let players to find friends across platforms and “add them directly to your friends list”, which will allow for private matches and modes like Surviving With Friends.

The features will first launch on PC for the Steam and the Windows Store launchers. Although the two versions of Dead By Daylight already have cross-play enabled, it is currently not possible for players to be invited into games across the platforms. A release for consoles will follow thereafter, although it seems like the mobile versions of the game will not be included.

“We expect to have all these platforms being available in the cross-play and the cross-friend features environment before the end of this year,” Stefan Beauchamp-Daniel added.

After the addition of cross-platform play, Dead By Daylight will join games such as Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, Fortnite and Minecraft that already support play across their various PC and console versions.

Yesterday (May 27), Behaviour Interactive announced a new paid DLC pack for Dead By Daylight in collaboration with Konami’s Silent Hill franchise. The pack will introduce Silent Hill’s famed monster, Pyramid Head, a new survivor Cheryl Mason (a.k.a Heather from Silent Hill 3), and the Midwich Elementary School map.

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